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There are few simple steps to follow:

1. Click on "@" to Register in the gallery or Login, if you already have a user account.


2. Ones created, click on "@" on the menu bar and choose "Upload File"


3.In section File Uploads click on Browse to select files from your computer, then click Continue


4.When receive the confirmation screen click on Continue again


5.Review the file information, choose the album* to place the file, the title and write the description then click on Continue, if you uploading the multiple files, repeat the operation for each file.

*An album to place a file will vary depending on the file content.
Here are the most popular upload categories:


7. YOU'RE DONE Click on Continue to proceed to list of albums. If the album you've uploaded picture requires the administration confirmation, your picture will appear in the album upon the approval, otherwise - immidiately.


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