Leonid's brief bio and technical information.


1976 First seen in St. Petersburg, Russia

1979 First year, which I remember

1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, did not participate, and, most unfortunately, was not able to photograph it, yet

1983 First year in school (boring)

1986 My first photo camera (FED)

1991 Putch in Moscow, again, neither had participated, nor photographed it. Transferred to mathematical school

1993 Last year in mathematical school

1994 First and last year at the Electro technical University in St Petersburg, Russia

1995 Building my first MLM team

1996 First year in USA, second camera Yashica, first year in college

1997 First video camera

2000 Last year in college

2003 First digital camera

I was born in the cold, but beautiful St. Petersburg, I always travel around the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. From Estonia to Lithuania, from Baltic Sea to Black Sea, from St. Petersburg to New York City, there I am now.

Also sometimes I visit Pacific Ocean in California. And through all along this way I have tried to capture the beauty of the world, first with my eyes, and now with help of my camera.

I hope my journey will be long, and I would be able to share with you still photographs of ever-changing world.

2003 all rights reserved. All images are the property
of Leonid